Keep track of all your indoor ascents

Each ascent can be logged with grade, if it was a flash or red point, which gym you climbed, etc. You can then see your progress and total ascents, hardest ascents, etc.

Ascents are awarded with stars

By climbing and sending problems and routes you are awarded stars. Each star becomes tougher to achieve and requires more dedication, time and training.

Unlock categories and levels

By climbing and collecting stars, you unlock more categories and levels. Who knows, you might even unlock something secret?

Easily accessble from your iPhone or Android mobile device

Climb More! is a web application developed for the mobile generation. Currently iPhone and Android mobile devices are supported so you can update your progress straight at the gym.

Developed on an iPad

This project was started at the same time as my daughter came to us. Since she onle agreed to sleep in a harnace close to us, deloping at the computer did not work. I therefore developed this application using an iPad with her on my stomach or to and from work, true story.

This is just the beginning...

I have long term plans for supporting outdoor climbing, social interaction, challanges, achievements and lots of fun stuff...


Min 8 characters, one capital letter and one number

Terms: This application is a proof of concept, therefore you sign upp at own risk. Full terms will come but for now you agree that your data will be stored and not passed on to other parties. Also cookies are used.