Johan Choudhury


“Planned activities performed within a specific start and end period with purpose to achieve a desired outcome”

A seamless combination of an uncountable projects popping in and out of existence, spanning from a thoughts length to a life time unfolding and growing into the fabric that is my stream of life.

Some of the projects materialize enough so that I can share them with you...



My main focus areas are climbing, events, landscape, travel, street photography and more.

Web applications

I build web applications mostly to organise things in my daily life. I also build applications to make things more interesting through gamification.

Climbing photography project

The most unusual subject for climbing photography today is the indoor recreational climber. Not all climbers have the possibility or ability to climb in epic landscapes or the hardest problems in the world, which tends to be the motive for climbing photography.

That does not mean recreational climbers have any less will or motivation to send the problem in front of them. All climbers are struggling at the peak of their own mental and physical abilities. This is rarely captured. All climbers are different but once on the wall, we are all the same. We share the same urge, the need to send.

Over 10 months, 154 climbers were photographed. The photographs in this book were not staged and no instructions were given to the climbers. What is presented is the daily fascinating struggle of the recreational indoor climber.

Selected photographs from my life

During my travels i come across marvelous places. I try to capture the experience of standing in each of the places through these photographs.

Gameified climbing ascent logging app

A web application for logging indoor and outdoor ascends. The app has a built in level and progress system together with achievements with the purpose of not only encourage climbing harder, but more. The system is built to encourage climbing routes otherwise overlooked by rewarding divercity in crags, onsite/flash, repetitions, etc.

Note: The app is currently not in development state but is functional. The system is not worked out properly and need an overview. Feel free to try though!

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